Pirin Pellet


The solution to the most economical heating homes and commercial properties as well as environmental protection enallaktikoteres heat sources found in the selection of stoves and main fuel wood and pellet. They provide great economy, security, guarantee correct operation and is as easy to use and environmentally friendly. There is a great variety depending on the needs of individual households, have long durability and modern design to meet customer requirements. In many European countries, woodstoves and pellet boilers are widely used for many years, replacing heating oil and natural gas, with very positive effects on the environment and economy.

Pirin Pellet

This pellet of fir which officially represents in our country, production in Bulgaria, is compatible with the standards ELOT EN 14961-2 A2.
The main feature of Pirin pellet is too high calorific efficiency and relatively low amount stachtis.To Pirin pellet is
one of the best of Greek pellet market in terms of cost to performance (€ / KWH).

The Pirin Pellet contains no chemical additives.

Benefits Pirin Pellet

  • The combustion of the biomass has a zero balance carbon dioxide (CO2) does not contribute to the greenhouse effect - because the amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) released by the combustion of biomass bound again by plants to generate biomass.
  • The minimal presence of sulfur in biomass contributes significantly to reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is responsible for acid rain.
  • Since biomass is domestic energy source utilization of energy contributes significantly to reducing dependence on imported fuels and improve the trade balance, the security of energy supply and saving foreign exchange.
  • The energy use of biomass in an area increases employment in rural areas through the use of alternative crops (various types of rape, sorghum, cane, kenaf) creating alternative markets for traditional crops (sunflower, etc.), and retention population to their homes, thus contributing to socio-economic development of the region. Studies have shown that the production of liquid biofuels have a positive effect on employment in both rural and industrial area.
  • It is a renewable energy source.

Analytical profile pellets "Pirin"

Certification ELOT ΕΝ 14961 – 2 Α2
Thermal efficiency 5,4kwh/kg
Diameter 6mm
Length 0,8-3mm
Humidity <10%
Powder <1%
Ash <0,7%
Density 1,12 kg / dm3
Melting temperature of the ash >1200
Packing Sacks of 15 Kg
Palette 75 sacks (1125 Kg)

Stoves Pirin Pellet Images

The wide range of Italian stoves offer includes a selection of colors and exterior views that can be installed in any room. Their design is made with attention to detail without affecting the functionality to fit any space, you can enjoy the view of the flame and the economy of 40-50% which can provide heating with pellet. They can cover the full ecological and heating needs of an average house without using other heating source. An energy pellet stove requires filling once or twice a week, depending on frequency of use and intensity of operation.

The pellet stoves have hourly and weekly programming and include built-in thermostat. All heaters represent certificate of the European Union concerning the proper operation and guaranteed performance.